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Aurora Borealis Northwest Territories Canada

Take a seat in the front row and see the magic unfolding before your eyes. I have never seen anything like this. Watching the Northern Lights unfolding, glowing, moving and dancing across Blachford Lake in the Northwest Territories in Canada was one of the most intriguing experiences I ever had. It was a spiritual journey, one that is not easy to descripe. It felt like waves of energy crashing down on me while those lights swept across the sky. The lights were vibrant, alive and full of energy. A dance of life, a celebration of wonders yet to discover. I felt so blessed to be part of it. Yes, I felt like I was a part of it, not just a spectator, watching from afar. I know this sounds really weird, but I felt like the lights were creeping beneath my skin. Like I was touched by heaven. Maybe I was. It was a true magical collision that left me in deep awe. You really have to excuse my poor English so go ahead and look at the pictures – they are only a reflection of the magic but they speak for itself. I have yet to find the words in German to describe it. I tried, but ended up deleating the words because I felt like it did not really meassure up to this experience.

Leider habe ich noch nicht die richtigen Worte in deutsch gefunden, die dieses Erlebnis der Nordlichter entsprechend wiedergeben. Vergangene Woche war ich in Yellowknife und auf der Blachford Lake Lodge in den Northwest Territories, im hohen Norden Kanadas. Deshalb einfach die Fotos ansehen, sie sprechen für sich selber. In Kürze folgen weitere Bilder und Berichte.