Snowshoeing Lake Louise at night

What an adventure! This post is in English so my fellow travellers are able to read it. The tour we took tonight is called Lake Louise by Moonlight. It’a a two hour hike into the woods on snowshoes. Unfortunately the moon was not out. It was overcast and snowing but it did not take away from the adventure. It was a unique experience to venture out into the dark forest. And yeah, it’s not the Black Forest, its the Rockies! Good thing that all the bears are asleep. But – as our Guide Mike pointed out – there are lots of creatures alive and kicking in the woods. And making trail through untouched powder snow is an experience of its own! On our way back we had tea time in an snow iglou that Mike built with his companion Bruce. I highly recommend to take the tour if you happen to come to Lake Louise in winter!

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