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Postcard from Churchill No. 7

As I was walking the streets of Churchill at Night, I was drawn to the lights of this house. It felt peaceful. I like how those artificial lights blend into one another, the snow reflecting the light. You can even see my shadow in the picture. Walking the streets of Churchill at night gives you a bit of a eerie feeling. For one reason, there are not many people walking on the streets, so it feels a bit like a ghosttown. The other reason being, that theres a good chance to walk into a polar bear. But I don’t want to give you a false impression of Churchill and the polar bears. The bears are not out there to get you. It is surprising that – if my research findings are true –  since 1717 only two people from the town of Churchill have been killed by polar bears. The first incident happened in 1968 when some local teenagers discovered a polar bear and started throwing rocks at the bear. The polar bear attacked them and killed one of the teenagers.

The other incident happened in 1983 when a guy found some meat in a freezer in a burnt down hotel, stuffed it in his pockets and walked away. Somehow the smell of the meat attracted a polar bear and the bear attacked the guy. Mike Reimer, owner of the Seal River Lodge, ran outside his house, gun in his hands. By the time he was able to shot the bear, the guy was already dead. Mike has told me the story about 10 years ago when I first visited Dymond Lake Lodge.

So to me this is very surprising if you consider that Churchill proudly names itself the „Polar Bear Capital of the World“. Of course, everybody in Churchill has a polar bear story. Some of them are pretty frightened.

I don’t know why I wrote this post in English. Please note English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive my bad wording.

Anyhow, just enjoy the picture, enjoy the Christmas season, hug your loved ones, make a person happy, be kind and content and most of all: be thankful!

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