abendstimmung-web.jpg„In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.“ Albert CamusDie ersten Felder sind gemäht, Anzeichen, dass der Sommer seinen Höhenpunkt erreicht hat. Bald kommen die ersten Sternschnuppenströme und die Nächte werden wieder länger und kälter.

4 Gedanken zu „Sommer-Blues“

  1. Also bitte! Der Sommer kommt erst noch! August und September werden mit Oktober noch so richtig schoen warm wenn nicht gar heiss!

    Und dann kommen ausserdem die 25 Grad im Januar wieder :)

  2. `There is much to use of nature`s way. It is with you always, available to you always. Take time to hear and see that which is close at hand. There are forces in you intried. They are yours to be used as you find them.`(Eyes of the Beholder How true Camus rings! By observation and a moment of reflection on what we already know, we are able to appreciate the latent summer; smoldering beneath the golden hay while dwelling upon the bounty of autumn fruits which will be used in pies, chutneys and jams in the snowy cold months of winter … when nothing better that hot cinnamon tea and warm scones remind us of the `wealth` we have gathered to `feed` us through a greyer patch. Such a photo makes avaliable instantly a strong message … LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. Hi Starshine, thanks for your words! They are deep and rich and colorful – and make a perfect companion for the picture. Maybe we should think about a project togehter in the near future!

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